JMIC is open every day of the year for worshippers who wish to use our prayer facilities, including Jummah prayers and the special prayers for Ramadan and Eid. During normal times, the prayer halls are accessible from early morning prayer, and then reopened at 11am until the last prayer of the day, Isha.


  • There are separate prayer facilities for men and women: men pray in the ground floor main hall and the basement hall, and women in the second floor hall accessible via the main mosque building
  • All areas are served by modern ablutions facilities
  • Disabled areas such as wheelchair access and a lift service
  • Various areas of the building have screens showing the sermon on Fridays as well as latest information/events
  • Main talks and some events are live streamed using state of the art media equipment
  • Main building is equipped with loud speakers throughout
  • Generous parking to cater for those visiting the Masjid (please be considerate when parking)