In order for a marriage to be conducted by an Imam from JMIC, we have the following conditions; Please read them carefully as this avoids any confusion on the day.

1. Mutual Agreement: Both families must agree or have been clearly informed of their intention to be married.

2. Religious compatibility: The Shahadah must be taken in case of a revert. If no Shahadah certificate is evident please note the whole Shahadah process will be repeated, logged and registered at the JMIC.

3. Documents: Passport copy and a driving license or a current Utility bill. Civil Marriage certificate or booking confirmation of the same, for the day of Nikah.

4. Age compliance: Bride and Groom to be aged 18 years and over: (permission is required from parents or guardians if under 18 years of age please note that, the Imam would need time to make the best judgement and decision, based on the groom’s ability to provide maintenance which is considered obligatory (wajib) on the husband or in the event that the wife agrees to finance the husband, this too will need to be clarified.*

5. Bride and Groom to be present: preferably the same building/venue.

6. Bride’s Wali (guardian) or Wakeel (attorney) to be present: Marriage is a happy occasion and should not exclude the family. JMIC does not support, nor conduct, secret or a runaway marriages. The Imam conducting the marriage may call the guardians of the bride and groom to confirm their consent to the marriage if they are not present or he is informed they are abroad.

7. In the absence of the Wali: If the Imam is content that permission was sought from the Wali, but his ground for refusal was on a discriminative basis; ie culture, race, caste, the Nikah will be conducted and considered valid.

8. Witnesses: Please ensure there are two male Muslim, sane and able witnesses who have a valid British passport. It is preferred that one witness is represented from either side; both from the bride and groom. Along with the brides Wali or Wakeel (attorney), there will be three witnesses present in total.

9. Immigration Status: There must be no immigration restrictions on either party


£100 Non-refundable deposit payable at the time of booking. Nikah must be booked at least one week prior to the occasion. No Nikah will be booked unless a deposit is paid in advance.

Local: £200 (of which £100 must be paid at least a week in advance of the event.)

External venue: If the Nikah is to be conducted at a venue of your choice, and within two (2) miles radius of JMIC, then a £200 charge is payable, with a deposit of £100 to be paid at least a week in advance of the event.

If the venue is more than two (2) miles away from JMIC then responsibility to make travelling arrangements for the Imam will be upon the Nikah parties.

Refunds: Any cancellation by the JMIC, due to unforeseen circumstances, will be refunded in full. Otherwise, we follow a strictly non-refundable deposit policy.


1. Download a Nikah booking form here. We recommend you book your Nikah as soon as you have a date in mind. Please be aware that the summer months are a busy time for Nikah ceremonies, therefore, kindly book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

2. Once you have confirmation of date, pay £100 deposit immediately into JMIC account to secure your booking.

3. Send a confirmation email with your name and date of Nikah, once you have paid into our account, with the completed form to

Payments can be made here;

Jamia Masjid and Islamic Centre Bank: Lloyds TSB Branch: 123 High Street, Slough, SL1 1EH

Account No.: 00581147

Sort Code: 30-97-73

Civil Marriage registry:

A Nikah as conducted by an Imam, is not considered a civil marriage without an official registry. JMIC requires all wedding parties to have their Civil Marriage registered either before the time of Nikah, or have a booking confirmation to have the marriage registered on the day. The Imam has a right to refuse to conduct the Nikah, if he has reason to believe that the marriage is not, or is unlikely to be registered. Find further information on the process of Civil Marriage registry. JMIC Premises are registered for Civil Marriage registry.