JMIC is grateful to its volunteers who dedicate their precious time and energy in serving our community. Our volunteers are from diverse backgrounds and bring a range of skills, expertise and experience that help enhance the services and activities we deliver at JMIC. We value their contribution and in particular the commitment, dedication and hard work they demonstrate in their roles.

Volunteering is a great form of Sadaqah. We are always looking for committed volunteers, who are willing to support the wider Muslim community.

Where can you help:

  • Ramadan / Eid events
  • Car park duties
  • Supporting IT i.e. live streaming events, Networking Administration, Website Administration
  • Graphic design – social media – video production
  • Assistants for Madrasah/Islamic studies
  • Tutoring for Maths/English/Science or other subjects
  • Female Stewards for ladies prayer halls
  • Events support – as required
  • General maintenance
  • Male/Female Ghusl

If you wish to volunteer for any of the above services, please complete the form below.