From its inception the Masjid has been a place of education and learning, teaching Qur’an and general Islamic Studies. 

We currently host 9 classes, with 5 female and 4 male teachers, teaching around 120 pupils from age 6+. Classes operate Monday to Friday, from 16:30 to 18:15. 

Fee: £15/month per child.

JMIC uses a modern system which includes the following:

  • Central database where students are logged,
  • Offers teachers a portal to manage all students
  • Offers parents a convenient portal site, allowing parents to view their child’s  attendance, progress, teacher remarks
  • Central messaging system to keep parents informed via SMS

If you have any queries please complete the digital form at the bottom of this page to send us a message. If however, you wish to register your child, please download the form by clicking “Download Form”, complete it and send it to

Teachers Portal

Teachers access to Madrasah System. To gain access, please contact Quran Academy management.

Parents Portal

Parents access to child’s attendance, payments and so much more. To gain access, please contact Quran Academy management.